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Don’t Change…

I’m listening to a Grooveshark playlist I made for some of the greatest old-school INXS songs. Don’t Change is one of my favorite songs of all time. Reminds me of the good days surfing and watching surf videos in my high school and junior high days. INXS – Don\’t Change

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the running man…

Posted by Mr. Mike | Posted in Politics | Posted on 06-01-2010


The Running Man in Today’s Society…

Here’s a note I posted today in my Facebook page.
“”Listening to Debaser by The Pixies! Anyway, today’s been a good and productive day. Lots accomplished which is always a good thing… aside from business, I’ve had several FB discussions today about personal freedoms and such (as usual). Its a hobby of mine actually – the whole geo-political thing. But we were going back and forth about the demise of our freedoms in the whole ‘underwear’ bomber case and how we’re all going to have to be body scanned now at the airport. Not that the naked imaging really bothers me now at my age, but the whole invasion of privacy thing is the problem not to mention the risk of cancer from the radiation being shot at you by the scanners… the discussion in question actually started with the Ron Paul video, where Ron was debating Ben Stein (Bueller, Bueller) and some Congresswoman from Texas who is a fixture in the ‘Homeland’ Security apparatus.

So, each of us were commenting back and forth and I mentioned the proposal of the shock bracelets that TASER is making and trying to sell to all the airlines. There are lobbyists trying to push these things on all air travelers. If this succeeds and becomes some sort of rule of thumb for air travel, we’re doomed. I mean, we’re already getting scanned from head to toe – our naked bodies plugged into a database, our heat signatures and such recorded – and then next we’ll have to wear a shock bracelet? How far are we humans going to let this go? At what point does it become ridiculous???

The shock bracelet made me remember the 80’s movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger (the governor of the now-bankrupt California). I thought my synopsis of the film was sort of pertinent in a ’science fiction’ kind of way… here’s my last comment in the thread:

…”The ‘not-getting-the-bracelet-off’ thing is like the collars that were worn by prisoners in one of Arnold’s first movies The Running Man. It was set in the future and he was in a police unit – ordered to shoot innocent civilians in the city who were rioting for food, he was put in prison and collared with an explosive device. Eventually, someone from the ‘network (the only television show in the country apparently)’ saw his escape from prison, he was found and put into the nation’s favorite game show “The Running Man”. The game was hosted by Richard Dawson (of Family Feud fame). The game had professional ‘hunter/killer’ wrestler type guys hunt down prisoners in a maze… the entire hunt was televised and the thrilling climax of each show was the slashing / killing of each prisoner. Doesn’t sound like we’re too far from that now – hmmm? – well, maybe another 10 years out. But think about the Ultimate Fighter meets Cops meets Big Brother, then throw in some gruesome killing from Saw and you’ve got it!”"

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