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Well, I have some new designs coming down the pike. I’ve had some requests for certain things so that’s the direction I went in. Here’s the new one that’s going to be hitting the site here soon… nixon face

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Posted by Mr. Mike | Posted in Random Thoughts | Posted on 29-10-2010


I’ve been working on album art for a friend’s first album. The design is in working mode currently using a couple of old postcards from the WWII era. Here’s a shot of the pics I’ve been trying to integrate into the design:

So, this has been my challenge as of late. Design always takes time, I don’t know why. My apprehensive nature in dealing with precious art seems to always keep me from blurting out a strong first piece. Working through this though… there’s a lot to complete but I think the end is near with the design. I’ll post a process set of images soon.

Wish me luck ;)

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