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Posted by Mr. Mike | Posted in Random Thoughts | Posted on 22-11-2010


Lots of new designs to come… hitting the road around the middle of December here to enjoy Xmas with extended family. Not sure exactly when we’ll be leaving but it should be around the 18th to 20th. So, if you’re interested in buying a shirt for Christmas, try to do so before the 10th. I’ll be packing up and headed north and will be forced to cancel orders that come in too late. Worrying about late orders is just aggravating during the holidays so I’m cutting it all off 5 days or so earlier than I have in the past. Working for yourself, by yourself makes one think of these things.

album art…

Posted by Mr. Mike | Posted in Random Thoughts | Posted on 29-10-2010


I’ve been working on album art for a friend’s first album. The design is in working mode currently using a couple of old postcards from the WWII era. Here’s a shot of the pics I’ve been trying to integrate into the design:

So, this has been my challenge as of late. Design always takes time, I don’t know why. My apprehensive nature in dealing with precious art seems to always keep me from blurting out a strong first piece. Working through this though… there’s a lot to complete but I think the end is near with the design. I’ll post a process set of images soon.

Wish me luck ;)


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Well, I have some new designs coming down the pike. I’ve had some requests for certain things so that’s the direction I went in.

Here’s the new one that’s going to be hitting the site here soon…

nixon face

nixon face

new design…

Posted by Mr. Mike | Posted in Designs, Random Thoughts | Posted on 01-10-2010


Working on a new design now… its based on a HST movie – Where The Buffalo Roam. It will be REALLY cool. A complicated design actually because of the content. But people in the know – or Hunter fans – will totally get it right away.

Aside from filling orders, printing and hunting for vinyl, that’s about all I’ve been up to. Working on this new design now though, again, it will be good.