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Second Surf blog!

Here’s my favorite handmade blog! Check out the beautiful creations at Second Surf I know the woman behind all this flourishing creativity, she loves what she does and it shows! Here’s the link:   http://secondsurf.blogspot.com/

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About Massive Ink


Who’s responsible for Massive Ink??? The name’s Mike Jack and Massive Ink is the brand I’ve created for my original designs and apparel. My ideas are scribbled in various sketchbooks that surround me.  The content of my art and prints will continue to develop as I push the blend of mainstream iconic content with my unique style of pen and ink drawing.

Screen printing is such an amazing art, there’s a lot to it that most people don’t realize. Last year, I began using a high quality, digital transfer method for some of my more colorful prints, this gives the ability to push my creativity a bit and that’s been exciting. Overall, I do what I do for happiness, each time a customer buys something, it affirms what I do…