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Second Surf blog!

Here’s my favorite handmade blog! Check out the beautiful creations at Second Surf I know the woman behind all this flourishing creativity, she loves what she does and it shows! Here’s the link:   http://secondsurf.blogspot.com/

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Product Information

Screen Printing…
My products are individually printed by hand.  Screen printing is a tried and true process used to permanently translate art to garments for decades.  Screen printing is an art and I treat it as such.  I use plastisol ink, which typically outlasts the garment that its printed on.

Shirt Sizing…
The sizes of the adult shirts I use for printing are of average size and cut.  I can print on a variety of garments, including hooded sweatshirts, womens’ cap sleeve tops, long sleeve shirts as well as youth sized tshirts.  You can see more about the sizes and styles of shirts I typically print on at this link:

Other Printing Methods…
I also offer digital transfer prints for custom jobs, but I mainly screen print.  This is my sole business and I am extremely interested in providing a high quality garment with an equally great print.  My other duties are shipping and packaging all orders, so rest assured your order is handled responsibly.