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Tell Bill O’Reilly to Buy USA-Made T-Shirts for His Patriot Stor

I commented on this article posted on OurFuture.org today… the story was about shirts that Bill O’Reilly is offering on his website that are made for American ‘Patriots’, but the problem is those shirts aren’t made in America! Here’s the article: http://www.ourfuture.org/blog-entry/2009062305/tell-bill-oreilly-buy-usa-made-t-shirts-his-patriot-store#comment-12259

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Product Information

Screen Printing…
My products are individually printed by hand.  Screen printing is a tried and true process used to permanently translate art to garments for decades.  Screen printing is an art and I treat it as such.  I use plastisol ink, which typically outlasts the garment that its printed on.

Shirt Sizing…
The sizes of the adult shirts I use for printing are of average size and cut.  I can print on a variety of garments, including hooded sweatshirts, womens’ cap sleeve tops, long sleeve shirts as well as youth sized tshirts.  You can see more about the sizes and styles of shirts I typically print on at this link:

Other Printing Methods…
I also offer digital transfer prints for custom jobs, but I mainly screen print.  This is my sole business and I am extremely interested in providing a high quality garment with an equally great print.  My other duties are shipping and packaging all orders, so rest assured your order is handled responsibly.